WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

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30ml Dekang E-liquid for E-Cigarettes | High Nicotine 18mg

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The World's Best selling and most trusted E-Juice!


30ml Dekang E-liquid for E-Cigarettes | Ultra High Nicotine 24mg


30ml Dekang E-liquid for E-Cigarettes | High Nicotine 18mg

  • 1. All USP Grade Ingredients
  • 2. Safety Standard: GMP, KFDA, SGS MSDS, HACCP, ISO, Nontoxic Tested
  • 3. Contains no DEG
  • 4. Most genuine and best quality Dekang E-liquid
  • 5. From naturally extracted tobacco
  • 6. Tasiter and healthier than any synthetic E-liquid
  • 7. Child proof Cap bottles
  • 8. Available in PG/VG Blend, 100% PG and 100% VG
  • 9. Choose from No Nicotine 0mg, 6mg, 8mg, 11mg, 14mg, 16mg, 18mg and 24mg Nicotine Strength


NO Flavor List
1 Apple Flavor
2 Arkroyal flavor
3 Back Devil flavor
4 Baisha flavor
5 Betel nut flavor
6 Black currant flavor
7 Blueberry flavor
8 Cappuccino flavor
9 Caramel flavor
10 Champagne flavor
11 Cherry flavor
12 Cigar Flavor
13 Cinnamon flavor
14 Coconut flavor
15 Coconut rum flavor
16 Cola flavor
17 Cream Candy flavor
18 Cream rum flavor
19 Cream tea flavor
20 Cut Tobacco flavor
21 DK-TAB flavor
22 Dr Pepper flavor
23 Dunhill Flavor
24 Fragrans flavor
25 French Pipe flavor
26 Gold&Silver flavor
27 Grape flavor
28 GreenMint flavor
29 Guava flavor
30 Gudang Garam flavor
31 Hazelnut flavor
32 Hilton flavor
33 HoneyMelon flavor
34 Hongshuangxi flavor
35 Hongtashan flavor
36 Huanghelou flavor
37 Indonesian tobacco flavor
38 Kiwi flavor
39 LiQun flavor
40 Litchi flavor
41 Lotusking flavor
42 LuckyStrike flavor
43 Mandarin flavor
44 Mango flavor
45 Marl-bo-ro Flavor
46 Melo flavor
47 MildSeven flavor
48 Mint Flavor
49 Minty Chocolate flavor
50 Orange flavor
51 Pal-Mall flavor
52 Passion fruit flavor
53 Pinacolada flavor
54 Pineapple flavor
55 Raspberry flavor
56 Red Hong Niu Flavor
57 Rum tobacco flavor
58 Ruyan1 flavor
59 Sampoerna flavor
60 Strawberry Flavor
61 Suyan flavor
62 Tobacco Flavor
63 Turkish Tobacco Flavor
64 Vanilla flavor
65 Viginia flavor
66 Vitamin A flavor
67 Watermelon flavor
68 Wuyeshen flavor
69 YunYan flavor
70 Yuxi flavor
71 Zhongnanhai flavor

Additional Information

E-Liquid Brand Dekang/Boge
E-Liquid Base 70-80%PG+20-30%VG

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Product's Reviews
Dekang Deluxe Tobacco (Dunhill) E-Liquid | E-Juice
Dekang Deluxe Tobacco (Dunhill) E-Liquid | E-Juice
Review by jenny
best flavour ever

Dekang Licorice (Liquorice) E-Liquid | E-Juice
Dekang Licorice (Liquorice) E-Liquid | E-Juice
Review by Sincronicity
Not An All-Day Vape, But Pretty Good None The Less.
I purchased the 10ml bottle, although the label says 8ml. Not going to complain about it. It's sweet and has that real licorice flavor. Not the same as Twizzlers, but

Dekang Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid | E-Juice
Dekang Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid | E-Juice
Review by Patrick
Very Similar to French Pipe But Lighter.
I was using eGo-k 1100mah with MTS Clearo to test this one out but it didn't get much vapour out of it. The flavour is really similar to French Pipe

Dekang Butterscotch E-Liquid | E-Juice
Dekang Butterscotch E-Liquid | E-Juice
Review by Patrick
So Surprised.
I guess this is the best match liquid to the original butterscotch flavour I have ever tasted. Giving it 4 stars on throat hit just because it was so smooth

Dekang Turkish Tobacco E-Liquid | E-Juice
Dekang Turkish Tobacco E-Liquid | E-Juice
Review by Patrick
This got me confused with real tobacco.
You may wonder if this is that good. It actually got me confused that I was actually smoking a real pipe tobacco. It bears a little bit of real tobacco's