WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

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Dekang Silver Label E-Liquid | E-Juice for any Electronic Cigarettes

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Quick Overview

The Silver label line of liquids is the top shelf line of liquids from dekang. All of our Dekang E Liquid is 80% PG 20%. Dekang E-Liquids have a reputation amongst e-cig smokers as being the best, and after testing many others, we certainly agree!


All of our Dekang E Liquid is 80% PG 20%. Dekang E-Liquids have a reputation amongst e-cig smokers as being the best, and after testing many others, we certainly agree! We only sources E Liquid direct from the manufacturer, to ensure you get the best quality, genuine E Liquid for your electronic cigarette, not a cheap imitation. Look for YNDK on the childproof caps to ensure your liquid is genuine, you know you are safe with us With 300 delicious flavours to choose from, the Dekang range has something for everyone. Use on their own, or mix to create your own unique blend of flavour.

Imported directly from Chang Ning Dekang Bio-Technology Company.

All Dekang Silver Label bottles are shrink-wrapped, childproof, tamper-evident and hologrammed. The Silver Label range offers you 100% assurance of Dekang authenticity and the best consumer protection yet against dangerous counterfeit e-liquid.
Dekang Silver Label bottles are childproof and tamper-evident with total assurance of authenticity.

When you receive your e-liquid, you will need to cut off the top 1mm of the plastic dropper using scissors. Until then, the bottle is completely sealed. For best flavour, allow bottles to breathe for 48 hours.

  Flavor List  
  Tobacco SKU
1 Marl(USA Mix) [DEKANG-101]
2 Red USA Mix [DEKANG-102]
3 Green USA Mix [DEKANG-103]
4 Ruyan4#(RY4) [DEKANG-104]
5 Camel(Desert Ship) [DEKANG-105]
6 555(3&5) [DEKANG-106]
7 Dunhill(Deluxe Tobacco) [DEKANG-107]
8 Winston(Wensten) [DEKANG-108]
9 234 Fatsal [DEKANG-109]
10 B&H(Gold&Silver) [DEKANG-110]
11 Cabin [DEKANG-111]
12 Caster(Cast) [DEKANG-112]
13 Chesterfield [DEKANG-113]
14 Cigar [DEKANG-114]
15 Concentrated Fragrance [DEKANG-115]
16 Parliament(Congress) [DEKANG-116]
17 Cuba Cigar [DEKANG-117]
18 Davidoff [DEKANG-118]
19 Dijarum Black [DEKANG-119]
20 Flue Cured [DEKANG-120]
21 French Pipe(FPF) [DEKANG-121]
22 Flax [DEKANG-122]
23 Garam [DEKANG-123]
24 Hilton(Hillington) [DEKANG-124]
25 Kent(SEC) [DEKANG-125]
26 Lark  [DEKANG-126]
27 Lucky Strike(Lucky color) [DEKANG-127]
28 Mild Seven(My seven) [DEKANG-128]
29 Portal Blend [DEKANG-129]
30 Pall Mall(Pal-Mal) [DEKANG-130]
31 Peace [DEKANG-131]
32 Salem(SAM Mint) [DEKANG-132]
33 Stuyvesant [DEKANG-133]
35 Tobacco [DEKANG-135]
36 Turkish Tobacco [DEKANG-136]
37 Virginia Slims(slims) [DEKANG-137]
38 Virginia [DEKANG-138]
1 Beer [DEKANG-201]
2 Black Tea [DEKANG-202]
3 Brandy(bandi) [DEKANG-203]
4 Cappuccino [DEKANG-204]
5 Champagne [DEKANG-205]
6 Coca Cola(Red Cola) [DEKANG-206]
7 Coffee [DEKANG-207]
8 Dr.Pepper(Pepper) [DEKANG-208]
9 Fruit Punch [DEKANG-209]
10 Green Tea [DEKANG-210]
11 Honey [DEKANG-211]
12 Lamberti(Lambti) [DEKANG-212]
13 Mocha [DEKANG-213]
14 Pina Colada [DEKANG-214]
15 Red Bull(Energy cow) [DEKANG-215]
16 Root Beer [DEKANG-216]
17 Rum [DEKANG-217]
18 Whiskey  [DEKANG-218]
1 Butterscotch [DEKANG-301]
2 Caramel [DEKANG-302]
3 Cheesecake [DEKANG-303]
4 Chocolate [DEKANG-304]
5 Chocolate Cream [DEKANG-305]
6 Cotton Candy [DEKANG-306]
7 Cream [DEKANG-307]
8 Ice Cream [DEKANG-308]
  Menthol and Mint  
1 Bubble Gum [DEKANG-401]
2 Double Mint(Green Mint) [DEKANG-402]
3 Menthol [DEKANG-403]
4 Mint [DEKANG-404]
5 Pepper Mint [DEKANG-405]
6 Spearmint [DEKANG-406]
7 Triple Menthol [DEKANG-407]
1 Apple [DEKANG-501]
2 Banana [DEKANG-502]
3 Blackberry [DEKANG-503]
4 Blueberry [DEKANG-504]
5 Cherry [DEKANG-505]
6 Cinnamon [DEKANG-506]
7 Coconut [DEKANG-507]
8 Fruit Mix [DEKANG-508]
9 Grape [DEKANG-509]
10 Greengage [DEKANG-510]
11 Health Pear [DEKANG-511]
12 Juicy Peach [DEKANG-512]
13 Kiwi [DEKANG-513]
14 Lemon [DEKANG-514]
15 Litchi [DEKANG-515]
16 Mango [DEKANG-516]
17 Melon [DEKANG-517]
18 Orange [DEKANG-518]
19 Peach [DEKANG-519]
20 Pineapple [DEKANG-520]
21 Pomegranate [DEKANG-521]
22 Raspberry [DEKANG-522]
23 Strawberry [DEKANG-523]
24 Watermelon [DEKANG-524]
1 Almond [DEKANG-601]
2 Amaretto [DEKANG-602]
3 Ark Royal [DEKANG-603]
4 Clove [DEKANG-604]
5 Fennel [DEKANG-605]
6 Ginger [DEKANG-606]
7 Jasmine [DEKANG-607]
8 Licorice [DEKANG-608]
9 No Flavor [DEKANG-609]
10 Osmanthus fragrans [DEKANG-610]
11 Peanut(Peanut Butter) [DEKANG-611]
12 Rose [DEKANG-612]
13 Vanilla [DEKANG-613]


Vapor flavor(used to be E-liquid,refilling liquid for e-cig) is one of the main components of an e-cigarette, designed to produce vapor that imitates tobacco smoke and evaporates in the air within several seconds, leaving no odor. The produced vapors contain neither carcinogens nor other harmful chemical ingredients. It is harmless for both active and passive smokers.

Vapor flavor can be used for all types of cartridges of e-cigarettes, their modes, e-hookahs, (drip machines), etc.

All products undergo independent quality control and have multiple international certificates.

E-liquid Dekang has a unique formula that provides a taste of natural tobacco.

Composition of the E-liquid Dekang

Dekang Company uses only natural flavor enhancers based on high quality and health friendly juices of their own manufacturing. It ensures the safety of its products by using environmentally friendly ingredients that are free of harmful substances.

Molecular technology secures natural extracts
High quality food propylene glycol
Elite brand tobacco
Natural flavor enhancers only

Additional Information

E-Liquid Brand Dekang/Boge
E-Liquid Base 70-80%PG+20-30%VG

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best flavour ever

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Not An All-Day Vape, But Pretty Good None The Less.
I purchased the 10ml bottle, although the label says 8ml. Not going to complain about it. It's sweet and has that real licorice flavor. Not the same as Twizzlers, but

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So Surprised.
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You may wonder if this is that good. It actually got me confused that I was actually smoking a real pipe tobacco. It bears a little bit of real tobacco's