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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

What Is e-Liquid?

What is e-Liquid?

e-Liquid is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers to deliver a combination of vapor and flavor.

What does e-Liquid Contain?

Each e-Lquid recipe is unique in ingredient selection and ingredient proportion. e-Liquid uses a base to create the smooth vapor and this base consists of either PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or a combination of both PG and VG. Next natural and artificial flavoring is added to create the delicious flavors of e-Liquid.

What is e-Liquid with Nicotine?

e-Liquid can come with nicotine or without. e-Liquid with nicotine may contain between 0.01% - 2.4% nicotine.

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol is a food grade chemical and is a key ingredient as an additive in various medicines and many food products. Propylene glycol is used in food products as a flavoring carrier, is non-toxic, and is an ingredient in products including food coloring and many types of flavouring. A base made of 100% PG is not as smooth as a base made of a PG/VG blend.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable Glycerin is a thick, sweeter tasting, vegetable based liquid used in electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. A base made of 100% VG is often very thick and hard to absorb effectively, when compared to a PG/VG mixed base.

What is Dekang e-Liquid?

Dekang e-Liquid varies from recipe to recipe and in gereral terms refers to e-Liquid made with dekang ingredients in a clean, controlled environment. Additionally, dekang e-Liquid usually continues the dekang philosophy with packaging material selection and packaging design.

Why Dekang e-Liquid From China?

Dekang create dekang e-Liquid with or without nicotine in dekang controlled labratory in China using dekang custom mix of PG and VG to create the smoothest and most flavorful e-Liquid available. We recognize the benefits of utilizing dekang ingredients and delicious flavorings to create dekang highest quality dekang e-Liquid.

It is important to know that the e-Liquid you are buying has been made with the highest regard for the safest ingredients. We carefully select and source all of our ingredients to deliver delicious and smooth every time.

What Is The Difference Between Regular and Dekang e-Liquid?

Regular, usually (but not necessarily) cheaper e-Liquid may contain any of the following chemicals widely considered harmful if inhaled.

Diacetyl: Diacetyl is used in many food products to create an artificial creamy, buttery flavour. Diacetyl can be harmful if inhaled. We ensure non of our dekang e-Liquids contain the flavouring ingredient diacetyl.

Acetoin: Acetoin may react when mixed with other chemicals and may create traces of Diacetyl. Due to this finding, we do not use any flavoring ingredients containing Acetoin. Our dekang e-Liquids are water soluble and do not contain any oil based flavorings which can be harmful if inhaled.

We have extremely high quality control standards and we select the highest quality food-grade flavouring ingredients, from trusted suppliers to ensure our e-Liquids deliver dekang flavor and vapor every time.

Are the Flavourings in Eliquid Safe to Inhale?

It is not proven safe to inhale anything other than good old clean and fresh air! There are many members of the medical and scientific communities who agree that inhaling vapour produced by dekang e-Liquid frem an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer presents a much lower health risk than inhaling tobacco smoke.

Child Proof Packaging

We us childproof dropper bottles with a drip top ensuring an easy application to your cartridge, or cartomizer every time. Childproof lids help ensure that only adults are opening your dekang e-Liquid.

Non-Leaching Bottles

Our dekang e-Liquid bottles are made from LDPE plastic, the best type of plastic for holding eliquids. LDPE bottles do not leach any harmful chemicals into our dekang e-Liquid.

Throat Hit

Throat hit is the sensation felt in the back of the throat when the vapor is inhaled. In the early days of vaping, people felt vaping an e-cigarette were like inhaling air instead of the smoking sensation they enjoy compared to real cigarettes. Increased throat hit makes using an e-cigarette feel and taste more like real smoking. The liquid base, concentration of nicotine, and voltage of the e-cig affects the liquid’s throat hit.

Is E-liquid safe to use?

Most of these components in e-liquid are well known and are used in many food products such and household products. Currently only pharmaceutical grade (USP) or food grade PG and VG are safe to use. E-Liquid contains nicotine and should only be used and handled by adults 18+ or 21+ or older depending on state laws. Please be aware that nicotine is a known poison and stimulant. E-liquid should never be handled by anyone underage and should only be used by people who are smokers and have a tolerance for nicotine. In small concentrations such as 24mg and below, e-liquid is safe to handle. Should any amount get on your skin, wash and clean with soap and water.


FAQs from Changning Dekang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

1. Is the ingredient diacetyl and diethylene glycol (DEG) used in your liquids?
No. There is not diacetyl and diethylene glycol in our liquids Specifically, the concern is with Diacetyl. Diacetyl is sometimes used to add a buttery flavor to foods or e-liquids, but has been proven to cause health problems in some cases.

2. What does Dekang e liquid contain and what safety standard?
Safety Standard :
formular :
1#   Propylene Glycol ( Dow Chemical) , Nicotine, flavors
2#   Polyethylene glycol (PEG 400) ( Dow Chemical), Nicotine, flavors
3#   Vegetable Glycerin( Dow Chemical), Nicotine, flavors
All ingredients meet USP , see our SGS report

3. What are the ingredients in Dekang e liquid?
Ingredients contain:
Propylene Glycol 74%, Vanilla Extract 11%, Malic acid 3%, 3-Methylcyclopentane-1, 2-dione 2.5% ,Piperonal 1.5% ,Damascenone 0.2% ,Acetylpyrazine 1%,Rose oil 1.5% ,Rhodinol 0.3% ,Eleutheroside E1 5%

4. What's the highest mg Nicotine Dosage ?
The highest nicotine level we offer is 26mg.
The common strength of our nicotine available:
1)High 24mg, Med 16mg, Low 11mg and None 0mg. for Tobacco series.
2)High 16mg, Med 11mg, Low 6mg, None: 0mg. for fruit, food, beverage series.
Of course, other nicotine level can be made depend on customers requirements.

5. How and where do I store your juices?
Keep in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator for extended. Must be 18 years of age to purchase or use. Nicotine in its pure form is a poison and can cause harm. All nicotine fluids must be kept in a safe and away from children & Pets. In case of accident, or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately.

6. Can you tell me the different of PG, VG and PEG e liquid.
PG is somewhat sweet, transparent, with strong water absorption
VG is saponification glycerine, sweet as sugar, poor mobility vapor, PEG is without any sweet, diluted, not good at vaporizing, mainly for consolidated other solvents

7. How do we know whether is the genuine Dekang e liquid?
All the e liquid buy from Dekang or Boge company are the genuine Dekang e liquid, and some of the whole world of Dekang official distributor list in Dekang website . Please note : All of Dekang/Boge 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml,30ml liquids are with childproof caps bottles. There are "YNDK" printed on the caps, which is the initial letter of "Yun Nan De Kang".

8. What is the best proportion of your e liquid?
All the proportion of our e liquid we done is the best. We have undergone thousands of experiments finding the optimal equilibrium of mixing Vg and Pg which can yield the best flavor and vapor volume....... You needn't worry about that, just tell me which kind of e liquid you would like.

9.What all do I need to order to get started?
For a first time order, We'd recommend purchasing our PG e liquid for sample order. More information about the flavor and nicotine dosage, please contact our sales department. They will provide the detail information to you.

10. Can we buy customized flavor ?
Answer :
Yes , Dekang can customized your own flavor, just let us know your details needs, our flavor makers ready for you.

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